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Hello world

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I'm Chandan Goyal, and I'm now pursuing a postgraduate degree in Germany. I've always been captivated by SAP products across several industries, and I wanted to get knowledgeable about some of them so that I could align my talents with the industry roadmap. I'm interested in the supply chain and would like to know more about how SAP is used in the sector. I hope to receive a positive response. @David_Chaviano 



@ChandanGoyal...The SAP Digital Supply Chain is a great area to focus on from a job and career standpoint. At a very high level I would suggest looking into how it's used including: integration (& extensions) with SAP S/4HANA Cloud... SAP Business AI.... SAP Intelligent Spend & Business Networks... and Sustainability (Environmental) capabilities both cross-industry and industry-specific solutions.

A few places to check out...
- SAP Supply Chain Management ( (aka Digital Supply Chain - DSC)
- DSC Customer Stories
Innovating for resilient and sustainable supply chain management
- SAPinsider: SAP Supply Chain Management
- SAP User Group(s) - DSAG (German SAP User Group)

The more you look... the more you'll find...! As a post-graduate degree student... Ask yourself how you would apply what you see to real-life customer situations... Connect with SAP DSC professionals for informational discussions. You're on the right track!:-)