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In the following article you will read a short story of one team, made of friends and colleagues from SLB, there difficulties, awards and journey.

SLB is one of the best places to work in the whole SAP system of Labs across the world. Not only for the high professionalism of its employees, kindness and smiles from colleagues every day at the building and a great working atmosphere that is built here. It is great also for the opportunities that we have to up skill, upgrade our knowledge and try and use the newest gadgets, which are trending in IT world.

A few months ago we have the opportunity to be part of local geeky hackaton – Innoweek. From 25th to 29th of January we had a week to build and introduce a solution to our colleagues. Here we won’t tell you only the story how more than 40 colleagues participate and many different and cool solutions and apps were made. We will introduce you the team we build there – diana.mihaylova veselina.petrova valentin.mezev and nedyalko.yotov . However our solution didn’t win the Innoweek competition – we weren’t really ready for the demo and the idea wasn’t clear in our heads.

You may think that the story ends here. However people working at SAP had one advantage than the most of colleagues in IT area – we never give up.

Few months later on the annual SAP event series – Dkom, we had the chance to participate in DemoJam competition – the idea is to show app only in four minutes and the winner is chosen by all of the colleagues and guests of the event.

There we showed more advanced solution, with prettier UI and more usable. And without failing at the demo of the app. This was possible with the help of many colleagues and a lot of efforts from us.

And the winner was – our team!!!

We have a great award – visiting CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

This was really worth all the sweat, smiles and work on the app. We come back really motivated and full with positive energy. CERN is amazing place with a lot of genius engineering and full with motivated and smart experts from all around the world. Somehow it remind as of SAP.

Here are few thoughts from us:

Visiting CERN is an experience I haven't even dreamt for. This is the place where physics meets technologies and together they create the future. Did you know that the WWW is invented there or that thanks to the findings in the laboratory today we can cure cancer in a modern and more effective way?


"Few years ago I’ve thought that I would never have the chance to set my foot in CERN. The time proved me wrong and also proved that nothing is impossible in this life. Visiting CERN and getting insights of what the scientists are doing there is amazing experience that I can recommend to everyone. The information they share with the public is represented in a very comprehensive and interactive way so we were able to understand that their job is not all about the science but for the greater good for all of us."


Visiting CERN was unique experience in our life. We are very glad that SAP gave us this opportunity.

The impact CERN has on our modern life - medicine, science, technologies, is impressive.

It’s a great prove of the responsibility of our humanity to our future.


For me vising the CERN a dream come true. I am really happy that we learn new things on how CERN works, what impact it has and more for its history, than I found on the web. I am really happy that SAP encourage young and talented employees to learn, try building new apps and thing creative with trips like this one.

Best Regards,
SLB DemoJam winners

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