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Good Evening Everyone,

Hope you all doing really well.

When i started My career in SAP HR, there were ups and Down's, spent lot of sleepless nights for the issues and enhancements which i had worked on in SAP HR.

There were sometime i got struck in SAP HCM and every time when i got Struck i went and searched for the documents or existing threads in SCN related to my issues, Most of the times i have raised threads  and my threads have been answered and helped by Experts ,not even a single thread went in vain. every thread has been acknowledged by experts and they made me who i am in SAP HR, once again thanks a lot to the experts who helped me on learning SAP HR SCN is the place where we can learn and share a lot .

But for the past few months i have been noticing there are some of the threads raised by our colleagues especially who are new to SCN don't  acknowledges whether their thread has been answered,helpful or closed. I could see our some of our experts have been asking them to close the thread by marking the correct answer if the their query is resolved.

I request all the newbies of SCN to please mark the helpful and correct answers and close the thread accordingly once your query has been answered by our experts as our experts have spent lot of  time on their tight and busy schedule on providing guidance on the queries we raise and help us to resolve the same which in turn provides points to them.

if you mark the helpful and correct answers, it would be helpful for other comrades to know which one was correct and helpful so they can apply the same method in their situation as well, if we don't mark correct answers , we may get confused whether it has been answered or not and once again there are chances thread may get raised for the same problem .

Thanks a lot for your understanding.

Please revert me or add if anything is required on this blog.

Thanks & Regards

Sriram Tamil