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My name is Patrizia and my career in SAP consulting began 23 years ago at a small company in Northern Italy that specialized in SAP consulting and the development of client/server software on Microsoft platforms, with a focus on digitization and information protocol management. My professional training started by attending a course on ABAP, then known as ABAP/4, which introduced me to initial projects such as managing the ticketing for a local public transport company.

The devastating impact of the September 11 attacks on the SAP sector led to the postponement or cancellation of several projects, significantly influencing my career path and prompting a temporary shift to client/server software development, transitioning from ABAP to Visual Basic. Despite the challenges, this period was crucial as it provided me the opportunity to learn and work as a database administrator with SQL Server and Oracle. Moreover, installing and configuring software directly at customer sites allowed me to travel frequently, interact directly with users, and overcome my shyness, enhancing my understanding of the needs of those who use the products we develop.

After seven years in that role, I returned to the SAP world, where I then worked on a wide range of projects, some particularly challenging, others less rewarding, but each contributed to enriching my knowledge base. 

However, there were also moments of discouragement, especially when the company's growth did not seem aligned with the passion and dedication I put into my work. Being often requested by customers for my competence and reliability, I spent long periods working externally, which, while personally gratifying, isolated me from the corporate context, hindering the recognition of my potential as a leader.

My passion for innovation constantly drove me to study and pursue my professional goals. Despite these challenges, I never ceased to fight for my goals and believed in the possibility of evolving from a simple programmer to a recognized leader. My career evolved from a simple role as an ABAP developer to an expert in SAP BTP, growing from junior positions to team leader. 

Today, I can finally look back with pride at the milestones achieved and the person I have become. A career in this sector is a journey of highs and lows but also offers the fortune of being creative and having fun working.

For those starting their career as consultants, it is essential to prepare for moments of difficulty but also for those of achievement and happiness. After more than two decades in SAP consulting, I recently decided to make the big leap, joining the team of an end client, a move I consider the culmination of my professional career, after years spent exploring and adapting to different work environments. This new role will provide me with the opportunity to study tailor-made solutions and dedicate time to creating prototypes and studying new SAP products. Therefore, even though the context has changed, passion remains the common denominator.

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Congratulations on your new position.  I enjoyed reading your story. 


Thank you @TammyPowlas …This change represents a significant step forward. Client-side work might often appear boring, but in my case, I will still have the opportunity to get my hands “dirty” with programming and exploring the most suitable technical solutions on SAP BTP for the business users.