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This morning I participated in a group 15 minute attention training led by Peter Bostelmann, Director Mindfulness Programs at SAP.  The session was simple and easy.  I dialed into a sap connect meeting, closed my door and listened to Peter as he walked us through 15 minutes of mindfulness exercises.

Peter explained to sit in our chair, place our feet on the floor, hands on our thighs, our eyes could be focused on something in front or else closed.  Whatever is most comfortable.  Then we relaxed and listened.

Peter asked us to let our thoughts drift in and out.  Don't do anything with them, just let them be and then return and focus on your breath.  I found that the 15 minutes went by very quickly and when it was over, I was more alert and refreshed.

Peter also gave the group an intention for today:

        Before firing off an angry e-mail, consider your intention: 

Will this help or harm. 

Reconsider this before pressing send.

I printed up this message and posted it on the bulletin board on my floor.

Peter explains on his Jam page that working in a cloud company requires new skills and ways to approach our work.  We have to shift ourselves to a different way of doing our work.  We have to cultivate good habits to sustain our energy, stay resilient and joyful and be able to absorb and participate.  Rather than resisting change we need to be open to new ideas.

We all need to remind ourselves to constantly improve.  And one way is to bring a new habit of mindfulness into your life.  It can be helpful not only to yourself and your career, but also to the people you interact with.  You will be a calmer, more joyful and better person to work with.  And if everyone in the company does this, just think of what we can all accomplish together.

There are 2 more sessions available to employees during People Week.  I strongly encourage everyone to participate.  Just take 15 minutes.  See if it can make a difference.  Mindfulness together.  It's simple, it's clear and it makes a difference.

Tuesday 7/14 8:45-9:00am PST

Wednesday 7/15 8:45-9:00am PST

For more information see the JAM page at

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