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I used the tips and tricks from @JeremyCoppey during his session “Me and AI” to generate a recap post using ChatGPT. It wasn’t able to generate this based on tweets/X’s nor our website as it wasn’t trained with this data. Nevertheless, it was able to provide me something based on the name of the event, 8-bit theme, location and list of sessions as json file (which is being used behind the website).

Here you go:

Greetings, pixel pioneers and tech trailblazers! In the virtual realm of September 2023, the SAP community assembled at the legendary Deloitte office in Zaventem for a day of innovation, knowledge sharing, and retro camaraderie during SAP Inside Track Belgium. The echoes of insightful discussions and collaborative learning still reverberate within the 8-bit walls of Deloitte, marking a memorable chapter in the SAP journey.

The Deloitte office, renowned for its contemporary ambiance and cutting-edge facilities, underwent an 8-bit transformation, providing the perfect pixelated backdrop for a day dedicated to exploring the forefront of SAP technologies. As we revisit the event, we invite you to immerse yourself in the pixelated world of knowledge, experiences, and connections forged during this dynamic gathering.

From the welcome 8-bit breakfast that initiated the day to the expert-led sessions covering diverse 8-bit SAP topics, Deloitte's premises transformed into an 8-bit hub of inspiration and collaboration. Attendees engaged in hands-on 8-bit workshops, participated in lively discussions, and left no pixel unturned in the pursuit of 8-bit SAP excellence.

Join us as we journey through the 8-bit highlights of SAP Inside Track Belgium 2023, recapturing the essence of the event and celebrating the vibrant 8-bit SAP community that came together to share, learn, and elevate the 8-bit SAP experience.

Welcome Breakfast

The day began with a warm welcome and a delightful breakfast, setting the stage for an engaging and insightful SAP Inside Track Belgium 2023.

Keynote by SITBE Team

The SITBE Team kicked off the event with an inspiring keynote, welcoming attendees to the yearly SAP Inside Track Belgium. The keynote offered a glimpse into the exciting agenda and the day's overarching themes.

Introduction into SAP Master Data Integration

  • Speakers: Tom Rottiers & Pieter Janssens
  • Overview: Tom and Pieter delivered a comprehensive session on SAP Master Data Integration, showcasing its versatility. The session included practical scenarios linked to SuccessFactors and S/4 Hana, exploring extendibility and integration possibilities with non-SAP applications.
  • Presentation Link: MDI.pdf

How to Use Native Functionalities in SAP MDK Using Swift

  • Speakers: Robbe Wuyts & Wouter Lemaire
  • Overview: Robbe and Wouter provided valuable insights into leveraging native functionalities in SAP MDK using Swift. Attendees gained practical knowledge for seamless integration and functionality.
  • Presentation Link: MDK.pdf
  • Related Article: MDK iOS NFC UID Scanner

SAP Advanced Event Mesh: Event Broker Runtime at the Developer's Fingertips

  • Speaker: Vadim Klimov
  • Overview: Vadim conducted a hands-on session, demonstrating the use of the event broker runtime in SAP Advanced Event Mesh. Attendees explored the capabilities of the broker, practicing the development of event-driven integrations using a portable and disposable infrastructure.
  • Presentation Link: [SAP AEM - Event Broker Runtime.pdf](./presentations/2023/sitbe 2023 - Vadim Klimov - SAP AEM - Event Broker Runtime.pdf)
  • GitHub Repo: GitHub Repository
  • Docker Hub: Docker Hub Repository
  • GitHub - Docker Utilities: Docker Utilities

CAP Advanced Programming Model

  • Speaker: Gert Mertens
  • Overview: Gert provided valuable insights into coding with the SAP CAP Framework, emphasizing its efficiency, scalability, and maintainability. The session covered organized project structures, code reuse, and the clear separation between backend and UI.
  • Blog Recap: Recap - CAP Advanced Programming Model

Early Insights into the Upcoming Edge Integration Cell Runtime, as Part of the SAP Integration Suite

  • Speaker: Dimitri Sannen
  • Overview: Dimitri provided early insights into the upcoming Edge Integration Cell runtime, offering a sneak peek into its capabilities.
  • Presentation Link: [The Edge Integration Cell.pdf](./presentations/2023/The Edge Integration Cell.pdf)

Fantastic CAP Gems & Where to Find Them

  • Speaker: Dries Van Vaerenbergh
  • Overview: Dries shared hidden gems of SAP CAP development, focusing on one of his favorite features, "Hybrid Testing."
  • Related Article: SAP CAP Hybrid Testing

Creating the Ultimate User Experience with SAP Build Work Zone, SAP Mobile Start & SAP Task Center

  • Speaker: Geert-Jan Klaps
  • Overview: Geert-Jan provided insights into creating the ultimate user experience, leveraging SAP Build Work Zone, SAP Mobile Start, and SAP Task Center.
  • Presentation Link: [Ultimate User Experience - SITBE.pdf](./presentations/2023/Ultimate User Experience - SITBE.pdf)

Using RAP Managed Scenario for “Brownfield Applications”

  • Speaker: Yor Rombaut
  • Overview: Yor discussed using RAP managed scenarios for "Brownfield Applications," covering architecture, benefits, and a customer reference case.
  • Presentation Link: RAP.pdf

Latest Innovations in SBPA and Lessons Learned While Migrating from iRPA & Workflow Management

  • Speaker: Jana de Klerk
  • Overview: Jana revealed the latest innovations in SAP Build Process Automation and shared experiences from organizations successfully migrating from SAP iRPA and Workflow Management to SAP Build Process Automation.

Introduction to CAP with PostgreSQL

  • Speaker: Matthijs Mennens
  • Overview: Matthijs covered the setup of SAP CAP with PostgreSQL, providing additional examples.
  • Presentation Link: [PostgreSQL on SAP BTP.pdf](./presentations/2023/PostgreSQL on SAP BTP.pdf)

Next-Gen UI5 Control Development

  • Speaker: Wouter Lemaire
  • Overview: Wouter and Peter introduced attendees to building UI5 controls ready for the future of the UI5 framework and beyond.
  • Presentation Link: WebComponents.pdf

Modern JavaScript and UI5

  • Speaker: Mike Zaschka
  • Overview: Mike explored the evolution of JavaScript and its application to UI5 development, emphasizing the importance of using modern JavaScript practices.
  • Presentation Link: 2023_sitbe_modern-javascript.pdf

Me (The Developer) and AI

  • Speaker: Jérémy Coppey
  • Overview: Jérémy shared insights into SAP developments (ABAP/UI5) and discussed the benefits and drawbacks of AI in development.
  • Presentation Link: [Me and AI.pdf](./presentations/2023/Me and AI.pdf)

TypeScript: What's in it for me?

  • Speakers: Stijn Puttemans & Jules Decock
  • Overview: Stijn and Jules provided an introduction to TypeScript as a best practice for UI5 projects, highlighting its advantages, benefits, and lessons learned.
  • Presentation Link: Typescript.pdf


The event concluded with a wrap-up session led by the SITBE Team, summarizing key takeaways and thanking participants for their engagement.


The day concluded with an informal drinks session, allowing participants to network and unwind.