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This should have been a wrap-up of SITBE 2022, but I never got to write it ([a list of excuses]), so today lets make it a blog post about reasons why you should join SITBE2023.


I said reasonS so lets start with the obvious ones.

  1. You are going to learn so much!
  2. You are going to meet/reconnect with people!
  3. You are going to have so much fun
  4. You will leave with all your (SAP related) questions answered


Yes you will learn new things I guarantee it.

Last year I learned many wonderful things, on CAP, Type Script, Enable Now, SAP Event Mesh, ...


One example, Tom Rottiers talked about SAP ALM (SAP Cloud ALM: monitoring Integration Suite and SuccessFactors). This was new to me, never heard of a SAP product called ALM, on Monday afternoon I was already implementing it at the client. Early Monday morning I used the slides and the demo (Tom showed us on Saturday) to convince the client this would solve his monitoring gap for his SAP cloud solutions.



From the start of my SAP consultancy career I traveled to a lot of SIT event (Frankfurt, Netherlands, …) where I met and talked to a lot of SAP Techies (Experience ones and newbies like me). After COVID it was nice to be back at a SIT event near home and reconnect with some old contacts from previous SIT events.

Even if you never attended a SIT join us, come and talk to us, lets grow the community spirit.


A SIT always has a fun corner, last year it was a sim racing chair this year is still a secret, But you don't even need a sim racing chair to have fun, everyone at the event is there to share, learn, smile and have a good time on a Saturday.


At a SIT you meet experienced SAP techies, they once faced one of your (SAP related) issues. Even if your questions aren't answered during one of the sessions you can still ask them during one of the breaks while you enjoy a coffee, beer, or some lovely food.


I could make the list of reasons longer but I have [a list of excuses] to do.

But just remember, you sacrifice one Saturday for a knowledge full, fun day, 


See you in Zaventem on the 23th of September 2023.

ps: If you don't want to learn anything (SAP related) you can still join and spot planes from our event location.


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