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Product and Topic Expert
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In SAP University Alliances we run a project called Quick Start Guides – development of short inspiring slide decks on SAP technologies.

These guides are written with beginners and students in mind. Their goal is to get you oriented quickly; allowing you to decide if this is a topic you would like to know more about without the need to invest hours of research.

We had 13 Quick Start Guides so far covering such SAP solutions as BTP, IBP, SAC, Build, Datasphere, Signavio and more.

Today we are happy to present a new Guide – “SAP and Quantum Computing“.

Quantum technology has enormous potential for science, industry, and society. According to McKinsey report the Quantum Computing market could reach $1.3 trillion in value by 2035.

SAP works with industry leaders and top research centers and participates in several initiatives to explore quantum technology and potential use cases. At SAP, we work to leverage the advances in quantum tech for our customers while protecting their business-critical data.

Please have a look to our new Quick Start Guide “SAP and Quantum Computing” and understand SAP approach, advantages and challenges of Quantum Computing, why it is important for industry and SAP, and how to find useful learning assets and even try Quantum Computing.

This Guide is a joint effort of SAP University Alliances with SAP ICN Quantum Exploration Team.

Please share this Guide with your academic contacts.


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