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what is the difference between SAP memory and ABAP memory pls tell me


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SAP memory is a memory area to which all main sessions within a SAPgui have access. You can use SAP memory either to pass data from one program to another within a session, or to pass data from one session to another. Application programs that use SAP memory must do so using SPA/GPA parameters (also known as SET/GET parameters).

ABAP memory is a memory area that all ABAP programs within the same internal session can access using the EXPORT and IMPORT statements.

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There are two types of memory areas in SAP. the ABAP memory is the part of memory which is allocated to a program on runtime..

This program runs in a session, so this memory is called session memory too.. all programs running in a same session have access to this memory.. like if one program is calling another program, then the second program can also access this memory..

This memory is used by keywords IMPORT and EXPORT..

The second type is SAP Memory, unlike the session memory, this memory is inter session memory, this memory can be accessed by programs running in different sessions..

this is used by keywords SET and GET..

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Very easily saying sap memory is the global memory and abap memory is the local memory

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