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Move complete dev. class to new system

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I've tried to search for help on this topic, but not found all that I need. So now it's time to ask the question to you. Hopefully someone has done this already, and has all the answers.

So; Over time we have developed a solution in our SAP system. All objects are kept in the same development class. Now the company is being splitted, and my task is to move this custom solution to a new SAP system.

I've found some help at SAP: Change and Transport System - Overview (BC-CTS) -> Transports of Copies and Relocations

From what I can read, I should select "Relocations with development class change"

Here I read:

"You can use this request type when you want to change the development system of a

complete development class on a permanent basis."

This is exactly what I want! (I think?)

So I head over to the original system (dev), start transaction SE80 and select the correct Development Class. I right click on it and select "Write transport request".

Here I get the question: "Do you want to transport the development class or all of the objects in the development class ?".

I would rather like to take the whole dev. class.

Now I get into trouble: I create a new transport req of type "Relocation of objects with dev. class change". The next dialog box is asking for "Target dev. class". But this information isn't available.

Something I do is wrong, but what? How should I perform this "easy" task?




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Since you are creating new request with change in development class, it is asking for new development class.

If you want same development class then enter same again and it probably will be created automatically in target system.

Also i assume that you have selected option 'all objects in development class' otherwise it will just transport development class and not objects.

It is better to take help of some basis consultant.

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Thank you for your answer.

I've tried to use the same dev. class as target, but this failed. Don't think I dare to change it to something else in the original system either as consequences are unknown.

I did try to talk to our Basis guys, but this subject was new to them (transporting a complete dev. class to another system)

Anyone any idea where I could post this question, and Basis people will read it?



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In similar case where i want my own development to be transported to other system, i've just used following option and it works fine.

From SE80, choose your development package. then right-click and choose 'create transport request'. here choose option all objects and it will transport all objects as well as development class. When you transport his request to target system it will create development class as well as all objects.

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Forgot to tell you that it was 'workbench request'.

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OK, maybe this will work, but:

I guess this will mark all objects with original system equal to the old system, and I will have to manually change this on all objects in the transport when imported into the new system?

Otherwise all changes would be flagged as repairs?

Does anyone know this?



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Hi Helge,

use SE03

Transport Organizer Tools -> Objects in Requests -> Include Objects in a Transport Request

then you get a selection screen

Select your package then check all objects then execute.

This will collect your DEVC into a request.

Kind Regards Henner

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but this solution doesn't completly solve the problem:

It is basically the same as I explained in the first post. I still have to create a transport request where I have to choose between:

- Workbench request
- Transport of copies
- Relocation of objects w/o dev. class change
- Relocation of objects with dev. class change
- Piece list

From what I read in (page 48), I should use Relocation of objects <b>with</b> dev. class change. But this fails as I have to specify a <b>new</b> dev. class when I create the transport request, and I cant use the same dev. class as before it seems.

Anyone else?