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   Since SAP introduced Enhancement Package concept it is possible to switch business functions on anytime in a Netweaver system and for some cases it is possible to switch them off without downtime window via transaction SFW5.

  However sometimes activation process does not succeed and it is necessary to investigate what went wrong. For such scenarios it is sometimes complicated to get the root cause because this procedure involves Data Dictionary objects, ABAP programs, BC-Sets and others.

Checking for SAP Notes now we have an excellent documentation created by SAP Development team which we can understand how to check and how to evaluate each scenario.

1909425 - SFW- Activation error in Dictionary: clear up the inconsistencies

This documentation is not only a guide how to troubleshoot issues related to Business Function activation process, but a small training content where we can learn a lot. By check its information now it is much more easier to understand where issues is and how to identify a solution for this.

For instance, if you find inconsistencies related to BC-Sets objects in the system you can easily identify it via SFW_BROWSER transaction

I really encourage you to reserve few minutes to read this documentation.