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Product and Topic Expert

Remark: Mission ended on December, 31th.

But you can still post about ABAP in Eclipse and your experiences :wink:

Last week we launched the ABAP in Eclipse Fan mission on SCN. With the ABAP in Eclipse Fan badge you are already showing your passion towards ABAP in Eclipse and your willingness to support the community. Now it is time to move on.

Today we are launching the Feature Explorer mission.

Your challenge is to discover the most important features of ABAP in Eclipse and share your experience with the community. Once you did that you will get the ABAP in Eclipse Feature Explorer badge.

So what are your tasks to accomplish the mission and get the Feature Explorer Badge?

With the latest ABAP in Eclipse version 2.24  ( ABAP Development Tools version 2.24 available now on Updatesite ) we offer a new interactive learning solution in Eclipse.
The feature explorer helps ABAP developers get onboarded in Eclipse. Read the blog Get more out of ABAP in Eclipse with the Feature Explorer

Step 1: Update your eclipse installation to the latest version 2.24.
In case you are new to ABAP in Eclipse follow the installation instructions on our Eclipse updatesite: SAP Development Tools for Eclipse

Step 2: Start your eclipse and open the Feature Explorer:

On the welcome screen you can start the interactive explorer tour. In the beginners tour we have 3 stages for you including the most important features you need. So click through the stages and enjoy your tour. Once you have accomplished the final stage you are done and you see an overview of the discovered features. 

Step 3: Now it is time to show the community that you have completed the tour and share your experience and feedback. Write a blog post in the ABAP in Eclipse community and once you’ve done that, the team will review your submission and we will give you the ABAP in Eclipse Explorer badge. The qualification criteria are the following:

  • Write a blog post in the ABAP in Eclipse space
  • Tag the blog post with "aie_feature_explorer"
  • In your blog post, write with a personal style and answer as many of the questions below as you can:
    • Please introduce yourself and tell us how long you’ve developed with ABAP
    • Did you know about Eclipse before you took this ABAP in Eclipse Explorer challenge?
    • Do you think the feature explorer is helpful to onboard new developers?
    • What is your favorite feature of the beginners tour?
    • Have you explored additional features of Eclipse that you like?
    • Mention some ABAP developers in the community that should know ABAP in Eclipse. You can use “@” and then type their name so that they get notified when you mention them.
  • Comment to my blog post here and provide the link to your own blog post in your comment.
  • Wait a few days to see the badge uploaded on your profile, we will proceed with weekly uploads.

Have fun!