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Our connectivity to digital tools continues to increase, enabling our productivity and facilitating added convenience. However, innovation often comes with security risks. This year, SAP celebrates Cybersecurity Month, for the eight-year in a row. This marks our continued investment and commitment to security for both organizations and individuals and to raising awareness about security threats. This year, we have introduced a series of events that will be open to the ecosystem, expanding our security culture beyond SAP’s walls.

Cybersecurity at SAP

Cybersecurity is crucial for SAP’s global customers, partners, and employees. The strong security foundation we have built contributes to our reputation as a trusted brand. Our products and services integrate security — from development to deployment. Plus, we have rolled out a cross-domain board-level initiative to develop and cultivate a security culture within our organization by raising awareness of the role employees play in protecting SAP, the latest security trends and risk mitigation techniques, and how SAP protects our customers in the Cloud.

Our efforts to increase awareness in security has resulted in increased participation in Cybersecurity Month activities and events. By way of example, the number of expert-led sessions has grown two-fold from more than 60 in 2022 to more than 150 in 2023. The same is reflected by the number of participating regions as well. The virtual events that are open to the ecosystem, will be part of our efforts to diversify the talent pipeline and engage our customers and partners in SAP security topics.

Diversifying the Talent Pipeline

Security is currently facing a daunting challenge: lack of skilled talent. Threats and threat actors continue to evolve, but cybersecurity professionals are unable constructively defend organizations without the right talent to support them.  Ensuring that future leaders and young talent are equipped with the right skills to join the cybersecurity workforce, and developing a diverse talent pipeline have been a priority for SAP. Our investments are reflected in our relationship with HBCUs, our internship program,  and our Global Security Early Talent Program, which has been recently recognized by the Biden-Harris administration in the National Cybersecurity Workforce and Education Strategy (NCWES).

To celebrate the investments we have with the early talent community, SAP Chief Trust Office will be hosting a Campus Connect Workshop tailored for students and recent graduates looking to learn more about the cybersecurity field. There will be a chance for participants to refine their elevator pitch and hear from recruiting experts on helpful hints and tips on job searching. If you are interested in attending the workshop, register here.

Incorporating Customers

Organizations across sectors and domains understand the importance of security and expect their partners and vendors to do the same. SAP helps businesses run better, and our customers are the basis for our continued growth and success. We believe that providing customers with a platform where they can share feedback about their experience with SAP and security is a great opportunity to understand what their business needs are, what we can improve, and what is their outlook for the future. This year, we are introducing a series of webinars where our customers will have an opportunity to participate. The topics offered will include common security trends, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and how SAP protects our customers in the cloud. To sign up for one or more of the webinars, register here.

Participate in Cybersecurity Month

Security is everyone’s responsibility—both at work and at home. This year, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about security from the events mentioned above and other resources that will be available throughout this month. Sign up for the events here or find out more about SAP security, trust, and compliance by visiting our SAP Trust Center.