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The Global Design Enablement team from SAP (that's the team I work in) has sponsored a special UX edition of the SAPinsider magazine for customers. Working with a number of people throughout the company, we have created 5 articles about how SAP is executing on the UX strategy and focusing on exchange with customers.

The stories are now live on the SAPinsider online magazine. Below you can find the direct links to the UX-related articles and a summary of each one:

The insideEdge with Dr. Vishal Sikka by Dr. Vishal Sikka

Dr. Vishal Sikka, Member of the SAP AG Executive Board, Products & Innovation, discusses how SAP is redefining its user experience (UX) strategy,
part of an ongoing effort to simplify the overall customer experience. SAP HANA, SAP Fiori, and SAP Screen Personas all contribute to this focus on a more
seamless IT experience.

How SAP Is Reinventing the User Experience by Sam Yen

In this Q&A, Sam Yen, SAP’s Global Head of Design and User Experience, discusses SAP’s mission to reinvent the enterprise software user experience.
The consumerization of IT is leading to greater customer expectations around usability, and SAP is meeting these challenges head on. Learn about SAP’s new solutions, services, and strategies as it follows a new paradigm shift around user experience.

Customers Benefit from SAP's User Experience Strategy by Andreas Hauser

SAP’s user experience mantra of “new, renew, and enable” is reshaping customer perceptions of its enterprise software applications. SAP is pursuing a consumer-grade experience for all new applications, while renewing existing screens via solutions such as SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas. Its user experience design services also enable customers’ own UX revivals.

Collaborating with Customers to Design the New SAP User Experience Community by Esther Blankenship

As part of SAP’s renewed commitment to user experience, the company has followed a strategy focused on iterative design thinking to ultimately provide a consumer-grade experience for users. SAP also did this when launching the SAP User Experience Community website, where users of all types can join the conversation about UX. The site, relaunching in June 2014, is the culmination of co-innovation between SAP and its customers.

Drive Productivity Through Personalization with SAP Screen Personas by Peter Spielvogel

Learn about one of the key new solutions in SAP’s user experience portfolio: SAP Screen Personas. The solution allows you to create individualized, role-based screens that enable users to align transactions to specific user roles, personalizing the screen for the user. The simplified user interface limits visual distractions and increases productivity.

Many heartfelt thanks to Scott Priest and Melanie Obeid of the SAPinsider editorial team (you two are awesome!) and of course to all the authors and contributors from SAP who worked with us on the UX articles to make this special edition a reality!