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Finally, I have passed this "challenge"!

Well, you might say "That is not any challenge, it was easy for me...". And I agree, finally it was no such challenge, but took some time and effort time.

Firstly I would like to introduce myself shortly. I work as a SAP Basis administrator and I have really no experience with ABAP programming language. But I used Eclipse during my studies for programming using Java, JavaScript and Tcl (scripting language). I think I will never program in ABAP, but I had an idea to pass this mission, because it might have been helpful to understand ABAP language a little bit. Maybe it will help me in the future to solve some Basis issues connected with applications.

I started my mission I think 2 month ago. Firstly I had to prepare my home computer and install all the environment. I mean SAP NetWeaver with database, SAP GUI, Eclipse and so on. I found a very useful blog How to install SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.03 SP03 Trial – Ready for ABAP in Ecplipse (A.... It served as a manual. I downloaded all the files and started the installation. Of course there were couple of problems and I had not so much time to solve them. So I had the installation in the middle and had to stop for couple of weeks. Then I returned to it, read some information, solved the problem and finished installation successfully. Then of course some problems with Eclipse, but not so hard. Couple of days ago I finally started the beginners tour.

And funny part is coming now. I passed first part and then decided to "clear the mess" in my PC. Unfortunately I did not realized Eclipse is not installed, but just unzipped. And of course I did not moved it anywhere else from my download directory. Yes, I deleted whole Eclipse in one shot! Well, no problem, just do again all the least it helped me to practice.  Then I finished my beginners tour today early in the morning. Here is the approval :smile: Ok, not so important, but I have nothing more...

Final conclusion is, that I found the tour very useful especially for me. It made mi to install SAP on Windows and I am really glad to have it on my home computer. Normally I work on Unix OS and it is interesting for me to see how it works on Windows OS. Of course I also have the newest SAP GUI 7.40. We don't have it even in my job yet. The beginners tour itself shows basics steps, but it is good to know about them, because probably  would not find all of them for a long time. And they are useful and they make the ABAP programming easier.

Thank you for reading and best regards next time

By the way, did you heard about I Care, I Gave, I Inspired. Even if so or not, check my personal challenge on my blog. Maybe you will find it interesting.