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How to define BPC architecture?

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Hi All,

Iu2019m a BI and BPS consultant and Iu2019m doing a prototype for evaluating BPC for Sales Planning and I need some help.

Process flow as:

a. Extract sales from COPA (amount and quantities);

b. Copy Actual to Budget version;

c. Create new customers;

d. Delete old customers;

e. Calculate the seasonality of sales & and adjust budget;

f. Load & adjust prices

g. Load & adjust sales costs

h. Calculate Net Revenue

i. Calculate costs

My file format is as given below:



1- There is a specific KF to load quantity or I should use another account? If so how do I load the unit measures?

2- I tried to load my file in u201CEuru201D but I received an error. The upload only finished OK when I changed the currency to u201CLCu201D. There is any trick?

3- In customer dimension, I add the sales org. attribute but it didnu2019t work out because a customer can have more than one sales org. There is any way to define a compound key for a dimension?

4- Where can I find relevant documentation about BPC?

Thanks for reading my post.

Regards, Fred

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Hi Fred,

1:You could try loading it only for your amount and then load the data again for quantity(use merge option during upload/import) Or You could create a specific KF dimension and have amount,quantity as members.

The best approach that an experienced OS Consultant suggested to me is to use Subtable dimension with members like quantity taking the advantage of business rules and i found this useful in my scenario .2:With your base members loaded in LC,isnt it easy for you to convert to USD or EUR or any other currency?

3:Would multiple properties as attributes in a dimension or maybe something like referencing another dimension be worked out?



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Hi Shyam!

Thanks for your answer.

1. I followed your suggestion and load the data twice (one for amount and another for quantity) but I still have de unit measure problem (KG, TON, etc.). Any suggestion about how to handle this situation?

2. Yes is easy for me to convert LC in any other currency after the data load. But the problem is that I must load data in multiple currencies (EUR, USD)u2026

3. No it didnu2019t work out. Let me give you an example:

Customer Sales Org Distribution Channel

100001 AX01 1

100001 AX02 2

When I tried to process dimension I received the following message u201CMember ID must be uniqueu201D. Any other idea about how to define the compound key Customer and Sales Org?