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When Shai Agassi gave his keynote at the JavaOne conference he nicely summed    up how developers are viewing SAP and their fellow SAP developers:


"Most of you in the audience know SAP as the German Giant, the one      that you don't really know what we do, but we are big, and we do stuff for      companies that you don't want to work for."

He got a good chuckle from the audience. (Check out the Webcast)

That is how SAP developers are being perceived, doing stuff for the big corporations,    but not the real interesting, cutting edge developments like in open source    projects.

Maybe the SAP Developer has the last laugh. Read this article from the JobCenter    section of the Dallas Morning News: Recruiters    treat SAP pros as a precious commodity Quote:


"One programmer he recently placed ran SAP operations at a company      but didn't feel that his personal ethics matched that of other company executives.      When recruiters contacted him about an opportunity, he opted for a similar      job that paid around $840,000. "

Personally I think this number is a bit high, but it is good to know that we    are working in a field where people are in demand even during this downturn.    If you follow the posts here at the SAP Developer Network, you will find that    the things that happen within and around the SAP NetWeaver Platform are quite fascinating.    Where else can you go within a weekend from a user base of Going Live with ESS and all of them are using your stuff.