Security - Risk and Compliance

SAP offers cloud-based security services in the area of risk and compliance, comprising topics such as segregation of duties, access certification, and business role management or the compliant collection of consumer data.

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SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance

SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance offers simple, seamless, and adaptive access control. It makes access governance easier and minimizes access risk and the potential for mistakes, misuse, or financial loss. It features a suite of purpose-built, integrated cloud services to deliver a seamless user experience in complex cloud and on-premise environments while supporting key compliance requirements.

SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance


SAP Customer Data Cloud

Turn anonymous visitors into loyal customers. Offer seamless engagements, build trust, and deliver personalized digital experiences to businesses, partners, and customers with SAP Customer Data Cloud (formerly Gigya solutions).

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SAP Cloud Platform Data Retention Manager

What does it take to delete personal data from a business application? Organizations today are subjected to various regulations impacting the purpose and duration for which businesses might need to process and retain personal data. SAP Cloud Platform Data Retention Manager service can help tackle the deletion dilemma for your custom applications that are built on SAP Cloud Platform, irrespective of the data model they use.

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Deleting data in SAP Cloud Platform applications