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openSAP course "Efficient DevOps with SAP"

The enrolment is now open for the first openSAP course on DevOps with SAP! Topics of the course, that starts on April 19th, are: Week 1: Introduction to DevOps Week 2: CI/CD with ABAP (On-Premise) Week 3: Delivery of Cloud Applications Week 4: Hybrid Change and Test Management Week 5: Operation of Your Solution and Summary

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Webinar: DevOps Essentials with SAP

In October 2020 the SAP User Group Customer Center of Expertise hosted 4 webinar sessions on DevOps, including: "DevOps in a Nutshell", "DevOps in an ABAP-based environment", "Efficient DevOps with SAP BTP" and "SAP Solutions for Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Delivery (CD)

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SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery is on trial now

SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery service is now part of the SAP BTP trial

Try it out – SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery service is on trial now

CI/CD Tools for SAP BTP ABAP Environment

In the on-premise ABAP world, lifecycle and quality processes can be controlled by the ABAP systems themselves. In the SAP BTP ABAP Environment aka Steampunk, this is no longer possible. Steampunk systems are independent of each other, and source code is “transported” with git-based solutions: gCTS and abapGit. Daniel's blog introduces the released APIs regarding gCTS and ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) which lets you easily create CI/CD processes for Steampunk.

CI/CD Tools for SAP BTP ABAP Environment

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DevOps goes beyond technology. People, processes and organizational structure are key elements for a successful DevOps transformation.

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Fast customer feedback loops require a high degree of automation. Being it in testing, configuration, infrastructure, operations, … automation is key.

SAP Continuous Integration and DeliveryProject "Piper"Continuous Integration and Delivery Best Practices Guide


DevOps optimizes the end-to-end product value stream by identifying and eliminating waste and bottlenecks.

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Work should be based on data rather than opinions. Measure, change, measure again - continuous improvement requires continuous measurement.

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Tear down silos and share knowledge, success and failures

Service & Support - Premium EngagementsWebinar: DevOps Essentials with SAP