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Human Experience Management (HXM) Operational Workforce Planning

General IntroductionThis package enables top-down as well as bottom-up planning of headcount or full-time equivalents and calculates the resulting costs using the central assumptions as basis. Help Portal
App: Overview

Entry page with navigation to all included apps.
App: Configuration

Preparation of planning process: Setup parameters for cost calculation including mid-point salaries and other cost drivers. Seed plan data with existing data if desired. Create versions for chart comparisons, including budgets from Strategic Financial Planning.

App: Aggregated Internal Planning
App: Aggregated External Planning

Top-down aggregated planning: planning of target headcount, required new hires and contingent workers. Costs for workforce are re-calculated based on centrally maintained parameters
App: Detailed Planning

Bottom-Up detailed planning: Planning individual actions on employee level (e.g. maintain absence, adjust employment level, plan cost center change) and get an updated costs overview based on current plan. Plan detailed new positions for a team to increase workforce and assess resulting costs.
App: Reporting

Additional reports and analysis of current and planned total workforce to give insights during and after the planning cycle. Insights include ratio of external to internal workforce, and gender analysis.

Human Experience Management (HXM) Operational Workforce Planning: Add-on

General IntroductionThis package publishes the resulting planned costs from the HXM Workforce Planning content to the P&L model for SAP S/4HANA Integrated Financial Planning content to enable informed strategic decisions​. Help Portal
App: Add-on

Resulting workforce planning costs are mapped into the corresponding GL accounts. Planned costs are copied into the Cost Center Planning and Budgeting model.
Data Connectivity:
- SAP Success Factors Employee Central