Enterprise Planning

SAP Analytics Cloud is setting a new standard for financial planning and analysis by combining business intelligence and planning, together in the cloud. Get started with planning, today.

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Introduction to SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

Getting Started

Best Practices published by SAP Analytics Cloud Product Management

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Predictive Planning

SAP Analytics Cloud Predictive Planning provides the ability to automate data-driven enterprise planning with time series forecasting, through a tight integration. In practice, predictive scenarios can consume planning models as a data source. They can use not only the actuals but also the semantic richness of the concepts that are built in the planning model. The predictive models are “white boxes” with full transparency. Easy to understand predictive insights together with quality indicators are accessible in the model debriefing. Additionally, SAP Analytics Cloud Predictive Planning should be understood as part of a bigger, end-to-end planning process where the predictive forecasts are reported in stories and financial planners add their business judgment to revise them.

    For more details on predictive planning, visit Predictive Planning on the Augmented Analytics expert page

    Extended Planning & Analysis

    With SAP S/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud, you can integrate planning with ERP in one solution to save time and reduce errors with one source of truth for planning and actuals across the enterprise.

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