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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

In this blog post, I share some additional feeds that you can subscribe to, which expose some data in a similar granularity as the previous platform and might be useful for some of you.

Some of the new feeds shared below can provide you only with blog post information or just questions and answers per topic. This will be particularly useful if you use an RSS reader to keep up with news/articles/blog posts from different websites and you are interested in keeping track of specific topic(s). The feeds are generated by a little service I self-host, it might not be a long-term solution, but I'm planning on supporting this until the functionality is available out-of-the-box in the SAP Community new platform.

In a previous blog post I shared the different RSS feeds that are available out of the box in the new SAP Community platform - Exploring the RSS feeds of the new SAP Community platform


SAP Managed Tags (aka Topics)

The current platform doesn’t allow getting an RSS feed for an SAP Managed Tags, aka Topics. Not all topics available in SAP Community are included here. Below I’m sharing a sample of the topics available now and you’ll be able to see the full list here - topics.

You can suggest a new SAP Managed Tag feed by creating an issue in the GitHub repo. The issue will be auto-assigned to me so I will be notified about the new request 🙂

Topic Blog posts feed Q&A feed Frequency

ABAP CloudURLURL3 hours
ABAP DevelopmentURLURL3 hours
ABAP RESTful Application Programming ModelURLURL3 hours
Cloud IntegrationURLURL3 hours
CloudURLURL3 hours
SAP BTP SecurityURLURL3 hours
SAP BTP, ABAP environmentURLURL3 hours
SAP BTP, Kyma runtimeURLURL3 hours
SAP S/4HANA Public CloudURLURL3 hours
SecurityURLURL3 hours
SAP TechEdURLURLTwice daily
User ExperienceURLURLTwice daily
User InterfaceURLURLTwice daily

SAP Community Members

Also, the current platform doesn’t allow getting an RSS feed for a community member. It will be quite an expensive task to generate a feed for every single member of the community, therefore I’m only including feeds for the Developer Advocates team and a couple of examples from SAP Mentors and SAP Champions. Below I’m sharing a sample of the community member feeds available now and you’ll be able to see the full list here - members.

You can suggest a new SAP Community Member feed by creating an issue in the GitHub repo.

Developer Advocates Username Feed Frequency

Ajay Sorengajay_sorengURL12 hours
Antonio MaradiagaajmaradiagaURL12 hours
Daniel WroblewskithecodesterURL12 hours
DJ AdamsqmacroURL12 hours
Ian Thainian_ThainURL12 hours
Josh Bentleyjosh_bentleyURL12 hours
Kevin RiedelsheimerkriedelsheimerURL12 hours
Mamikee KannehmamikeeURL12 hours
Michelle MoudyMichelleMoudyURL12 hours
Nicolai SchoenteichnicoschoenteichURL12 hours
Nora von ThenennoravonthenenURL12 hours
Rekha D RRekha_DRURL12 hours
Rich HeilmanRichHeilmanURL12 hours
Riley RaineyrileyraineyURL12 hours
Sheena M KsheenamkURL12 hours
Shilpa Shankarshilpa_shankarURL12 hours
Shrinivasan NeelamegameshrinivasanURL12 hours
Thomas Jungthomas_jungURL12 hours
Witalij RudnickiVitaliy-RURL12 hours

SAP Mentors Username Feed Frequency

Geert-Jan Klapsgeert-janklapsURL24 hours
Gregor WolfgregorwURL24 hours
Morten WittrockMortenWittrockURL24 hours
Tammy PowlasTammyPowlasURL24 hours
Volker BuzekvobuURL24 hours

SAP Champions Username Feed Frequency

David Ruiz Badiadavid_ruizbURL24 hours
Martin PankrazMartin-PankrazURL24 hours
Murali ShanmughamMurali_ShanURL24 hours
Mustafa BensanMustafaBensanURL24 hours
Sergio GuerreroSergioG_TXURL24 hours
Vladimirs SemikinsseVladimirsURL24 hours

I hope this helps filter out all the information that’s available in the SAP Community platform and that it can help you follow the information and members that you are really interested in.

First published on ajmaradiaga.com


Thank you, Antonio!

I was trying to follow new posts by reading the notifications, but it was a mess. More over since I'm only interested in Blog Posts. RSS feeds are way way better than Community notifications.


Active Participant

Thanks for going to this trouble - the additional feeds are very useful. Hopefully the positive reaction to this blog entry will lead to more attention and appreciation for the RSS feature on the official side as well, so that your feeds will eventually be offered and maintained officially by SAP at some point.

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

I'm glad that you found useful the new RSS feeds available. I'm planning on maintaining this until a similar functionality is available out of the box. 


Thanks @ajmaradiaga . I set them up using the feedbro browser extension. Just makes it much easier to see an overview of the need posts in the different feeds.




Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

Remember that you can request new feeds by creating an issue on GitHub. The issue will be auto-assigned to me so I will be notified about the new request 🙂

Active Contributor

Thanks for sharing! I've been using Brief Firefox add-on before because it's very simple and easy to use. But, unfortunately, it does not recognize these links as RSS feeds. Thanks to suggestion from @richardfahey  here, I got that other add-on that allows to search for feeds on demand. (Brief just shows a subscribe button when it finds the feed, I didn't find an option to add a URL manually.) So if anyone has the same issue with their favorite RSS reader, then you will need to find a different one.

I have to say though that it's still mind-boggling that SAP Community team who's been so long on the job saw this platform and was like "this is fine". Ugh.

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

@Jelena, I debugged the Brief extension and I believe it is failing because when importing a file it is expecting a body tag, which is within an OPML file. If you try importing an XML feed via this mechanism it will fail. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to import an individual feed by specifying a URL or an XML file.



Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

@Jelena, I actually managed to add a feed to Brief... I'm not sure why the extension doesn't detect it but you are able to subscribe if you specify the URL directly in the extension's prevew.xhtml, e.g. moz-extension://95d4fa21-a673-4599-9bee-863b09bc7a23/ui/brief.xhtml?preview=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ajmaradiaga/feeds/main/scmt/topics/Joule-qa.xml. By specifying the URL directly it will show you the subscribe options.... see screenshot below:



Active Contributor

@ajmaradiagaThanks for looking into this! Too bad for Brief, I've already moved on, they're not the only fish in the RSS reader extension sea. 🙂 Shows you how easy it is to lose the loyal user base these days. Hm, reminds me of some website...

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Hi @ajmaradiaga 

Is there any chance this functionality somehow got broken? During the last days, I noticed that my feed reader (Feedly) suddenly started to show a ton of entries per tag:




Active Contributor
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@ajmaradiagaI have the same issue as Diego mentioned above. Instead of new ABAP blogs, the feed started showing some random content, looks like comments?

This is what I'm seeing now, almost every item is Re: something. Clicked on the top one and it looks like someone commented on a blog from 2016. Can't see any actual new blog posts since the feed is now polluted by Re stuff. 😞


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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@DiegoValdivia @Jelena , you are right.... there was an issue in the platform, which was causing the data retrieved by the jobs, to generate feeds, was incorrect. The issue in the platform has now been fixed and the feeds should now be back to including proper data, e.g. there should be no comments in the blog post feeds and only include the data associated with that specific managed tag. See this issue for more information - https://github.com/ajmaradiaga/feeds/issues/11.


Great stuff! Thanks!!

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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@xjhackingthe new SAP Analytics Cloud feed that you requested is now available.


@ajmaradiagaI forgot to say thank you. The RSS feeds are working perfectly after you performed the fix 👌