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Hi, I am trying to migrate my project from using cds2types package to @cap-js/cds-typer. With cds2types, when I defined some property as "localized", the generated .ts file would contain a constant that could be used to reference the generated text...
Hi, I am running ADT with SAP GUI Java 7.8rev2 on Linux. ADT is using JDK bundled with SAP GUI which is on version 17.6. Basically, everything is on the latest version but I've been experiencing this problem for some time so it's not a new regressi...
Hi, I have a Fiori Elements app for Object with List/Object page. The oData version is 4. I implemented a custom view as is described here.
Hi, I have a CAP app that is written in TS. As the code growths, the import paths started to be really long as it would be something like import { Service} from ../../../../module/service. I looked for a solution for this and there seems to be an o...
Hi, this may sound stupid but I find it really annoying how the names are generated for properties related to managed associations/compositions. E.g. if I have something like this: group : Association to PromotionGroups; it generates property g...