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Cloud Integration支持 在 Camel 简单表达式语言中定义的表达式配置以下组件时,可以使用 Camel 简单表达式语言:支持 Camel 简单表达式语言的组件元件 使用骆驼简单表达式 更多信息内容修饰符定义:邮件正文邮件头交换属性(类型参数设置为表达式)定义内容修饰符写入变量定义一个变量。(类型参数设置为表达式)定义写入变量路由器定义路由条件。(表达式类型参数设置为非 XML)定义路由器内容过滤器定义 XPath 元素的条件。若要查看一些示例,请参阅示例。定义过滤器表达式示例e...
Hi All : We are developing on S/4 HANA Cloud 3SL. I am trying to use the table function to obtain annotation information in i_purchaseordeitemnotet_2, but an error occurred while previewing the data If you could help me solve this problem, I...
Hi Expert: I am using RAP to build my own fiori application. My application needs to recalculate the amount field on the header when changing the amount of line items, So I use side effects to implement my functions. However, when I modified ...
Hi All: I want to use BPA to export data from S/4 HANA Cloud into a target folder. Can I achieve this goal? Could you please tell me how to do it?
Hi All: In S/4 HANA CLOUD 3SL, I want to output the phone and fax numbers in the purchase order in the print template, but I cannot find them in the relevant CDS. So, is there a class/function that can help me obtain the values of two fields? ...
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