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can anybody explain difference between HTML and XML.



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Hi Vijay,

some difference between HTML and XML are as under

1)HTML Defines presentation.

Xml defines content and not presentation.XML is a language that is used to transmit database information between different mediums.

2)HTML cannot have own tags.

In XML you can Create your own tags.

3)HTML is not strict in syntax.

XML is strict about syntax.

4)HTML does not requires parsers.

XML requires parsers

Note: When XSL is applied on XML we can derive any kind of output ie., HTML,txt, etc.,



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Hi Vijay,

<b>HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language):</b> It has some predefined tags which can be used to design the web Page. We cannot create our own tags. It is majorly used for Web Development.

<b>XML (Extensible Markup Language):</b> Very strong Markup language. We can create our own tags in this. Define the tags and there values or the structure we want to define for any thing which we are considering. I mean to say we can describe data using XML.

There is lot to explain about the difference between these two. I think you must first go to this links and then come back to me if you have some problem.

<b></b> : This is one of the best site to learn about these technolgies. For direct Link please go to:





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