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[Ugent] About Client Proxy..

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Hi, There.

I'm faced with a problem. I need u r help.

I'm trying to connect Proxy from R/3 to XI Server

Two client in same R/3 System(sid : CED) have to connect different XI System(DEV and PRD ) by PROXY.


client 300 in R/3( CED) need to connect DEV XI Server ( CXD )

client 350 in R/3( CED) need to connect PRD XI Server ( CXP )

I don't know this connection way is available ?

I really want to know your thought how you think about.

Could you tell me how, If it is available.

please give me your help. and thank you.



Edited by: Miru Kim on Nov 24, 2008 3:16 AM

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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check this thread

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Miru,

Go to proxy generation (Transaction SPROXY) ->GOTO->Connection Test.

Just follow the instructions and confirm that every report mentioned in that is working properly.


Sunil Singh

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refer to this.

R3 side


Use this transaction to access the SLD of XI.


Create an entry for respective XI server

requires hostname, port username and ip.

Can have multiple enteries for different servers.

But you can check only one entry.

based on the entry that is checked, respective SLD API will be triggered from


SM59 (T type connections).

To connect to the SLD you need 2 types of TCP/IP connections.


In this you require the gateway host(ip address) and gatewayservice(sapgw[system no.])

YOu also need to give Program ID.

Entry of corresponding Program ID must be maintained in SMGW.

IN SMGW Click GoTo->logged on Clients.

If entry is not there for corresponding XI.

Create a communication channel in XI, pointing to R3 and give a Program ID

in the channel. Once the channel is activated, corresponding Program ID wil

appear in SMGW.


In this case follow the same porcedure as for LCRSAPRFC.

As far as the Program ID is concerned te procedure mentioned above is for

Customized RFC's

The RFC destinations mentioned here are both standard RFC's

Hence for these two RFC's no need to Create Program ID's. you just need to

change the System ID of the Program ID.

Both these RFC's are maintained in the J2ee server of XI.


In this transcation you can check the Proxies.

If the proxies are not activated (i.e. if the message interfaces are not active)

then you need to maintain one G type RFC destination pointing the resepctive XI server.

In the G tpye RFC destination give the Ip adress of the XI server in the target

host and set the path prefix as /rep.

Goto SPROXY->Goto->connection test-> click on the table SPROXSET.

In this table maintain enteries for ADDRESS_ONLY_FROM_SPROXSET and IFR_HTTP_DEST

The values corresponding to these enteries will be the G tpye RFC destination.

In order to connect R3 to the Integaration server you need to maintain H type

The default RFC is XI_INTEGRATIONSERVER. In you need to give the Target host entry as the

Ip address and Path Prefic as.../sap/XI/engine/?type=entry (this you can get from SXMB_ADM of XI)

You can also create the H type RFc of your own.

goto SXMB_ADM(r3) and open Integration engine configuration.

Goto edit->change global configuration and give the RFC dest name like this:-

Corresponding Integration server:- dest://{h-type rfc destination}

If you do not want to create RFC destination you can directly give

the Integration server address(that you can obtain from SXMB_ADM of XI) in the

Corresponding Integration server field.



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Thank you for your reply.

Your Message is very helpful but your message is general proxy connection method.

Proxy is already working in our System. ( R/3 300 client < - > XI DEV System )

and I'd like to add New Proxy connection with different Destination. ( R/3 350 client < - > XI PRD System )

My question is how i will be able to connect two XI Server(DEV, PRD) from single R/3 system (but two different client).

I guess this connection is impossible in principle.

Because DEV SLD address differ with PRD SLD address and R/3 always indicate only one SLD address.

A few hours ago, I solved that problem although it's not foraml way.

R/3 system only indicate DEV SLD and i add PRD business system in DEV SLD.

It means that PRD XI Server use DEV SLD.

this way using DEV SLD in PRD XI Server is temporary for integration Test.

Anyway, I really appreciate your reply.