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Smart forms & SAP scripts

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what are the disadvantage of SAP scripts over smart forms

and what are system variables in SAP scripts

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In smartforms every thing is drag and drop only.

If you want to display data in rows and colums then in smartforms you can use tables where as in case of scripts you need to create windows by calculating positions.

In case of scripts you need to have a driver program in order to execute the script where as in smartform without the driver program also directly you can write ur code in program lines of smartform.

System Variables in smartforms start with SFSY.



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Difference with SMARTFORMS vs. SapScript(SE71)

The Following are the differences:-

a) Multiple page formats are possible in smartforms which is not the case in SAPScripts

b) It is possible to have a smartform without a main window.

c) Labels cannot be created in smartforms.

d) Routines can be written in smartforms tool.

e) Smartforms generates a function module when activated.

refer this link

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What is a label. and why we can not create labels in smart forms