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SAP BPA Startup Job Execute

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We have a requirement to execute a BPA job only once, each time the BPA system is started.

Is there a standard trigger or something I can hook into with RedwoodScript that would allow this to happen easily?

I've thought about this as a possibility:

- The required job is bound to a specific "Startup" process server and the job is set to execute on submit frame of every 5 mins.
- The process server is set to "auto-start", so allows execution of the job on BPA system startup.
- On completion the job disables the process server.

Any ideas?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Darryl,

With the Alerting module and a Process Server Alert Source you can trigger on the System Process server starting up.

Without it, your proposal looks solid. You can just create a dedicated process server and queue with just the ScriptService attached.

Regards Gerben

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