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Justify Why XI

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Consider the below scenario:-

Legacy 3rd Party system (file) to SAP R/3 without XI.

1. What will be the minimum development effort

2. How is Monitoring done

3. How is Exception handled

Legacy 3rd Party System (file) to SAP R/3 with XI.

1. What will be the miimum development effort

The develpment effort in XI is minimum as we only need to design the structure and configure sender and receiver. The proxy development will also be minimal as only the logic needs to be return to update the information in R/3. Please correct.

2. How is Monitoring done

XI has it's own Monitoring to track the incoming and outgoing messages.

3. How is Exception Handled

Exception can be handled in Mapping as well as at the Adapter level and raise alert.

I need to justify to the client that introducing XI for integrating the external interfaces will benfit their landscape. What all I can highlight, to justify XI is beneficial.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi BalaKrishnan,

We need to explain basices of EAI(XI) benfits .

1. right now you are using point to pont to connection which is not the best way.

2. Maintance is easeir .

3. Error handling and Sloving the error easrier.

4. in an production env if their is an error how quickly you can slove the error is important i.e EAI Error handling gives you.

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Sreeram Reddy

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Hi Balakrishnan

Here are the advantages of SAP XI from my point of view.There are lots of advantages but to list a few :

  • Easy Integration with SAP products & components (RFC, IDOC, Proxy).

  • Data security as expected from any SAP product.

  • Standards based - XML, XSD, Xpath etc

  • Ability to communicate with other messaging systems/products.

  • Business Process Management

  • Synchronous & Asynchronous communication possible.

  • Complex processes for communication possible instead of only sending and receiving (business process management) (connect e.g. asynchronous and synchronous steps, define complex communication scenarios)

  • Mapping etc possible to accomplish in Java. Platform independent Java components.

  • Java & .Net support.

  • Big range of adapters for different technologies / tools (SOAP, Mail, JDBC, CDIX...)available in standard or offered by other companies (EDI e.g. by Seeburger).

  • Process functionalities inside XI to modify content in the communication channel on own defined rules fpr business purposes.

  • Central monitoring for data communication for all your communication between different systems.

  • And the marketing issue: SAP and its partners provide high volume of development capabilities to make XI always up-to-date for new requirements

For more information about XI, Please go through this link:



Answers (5)

Answers (5)

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… enables an easy integration of applicationsand business partners based on open standards

… is harmonized with all other components of the integrationsuite SAP NetWeaver

... provides "out of the box“ implementation through XI content

....used by all new SAP solutions as process integration plattform

…an integral part of SAP`s open and service-based architecture ESA(Enterprise Services Architecture)


Marco Zerbini

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>>>I need to justify to the client that introducing XI for integrating the external interfaces will benfit their landscape. What all I can highlight, to justify XI is beneficial.

1) End to End montoring the messages in SAP XI is great

2) Re use of some components example Java Mapping

3) Maintainance is easier and Less number of resourses is needed

4) The Same SAP team can handle SAP XI in Support


Agasthuri Doss

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Hi Balakrishnan,

1.) Development work is considerable reduced.

2.) Reusable components

3.) Reducing cost of development work in future.

Any way as already said having XI for simple File FTP is nt very advantageous



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For one interface it is probably not worth cost of implementing XI and the overhead of keeping it running. But will this be the first of many ? Implementation of an EAI tool will always be more expensive as compared to a single point-to-point interface.

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and adding to the discussion hope this would add the need of xi:

<a href=""></a>

and also check with this...esp the first few pages

<a href=""></a>