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Install Support Pack

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I have download Support Packs for EP6.0, following is the list of the files.





How Do I install these Support Packs, I am getting error in Room Creation and Somebody Suggested that I should upgrade my SP to 12, these are 14.

Will appreciate the help from SDN Experts.

Jagraj Dhillon

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jagraj,

You can go directly to SP 14. Java support packs are cumulative, there is no need to download SP12. You should read the PDF that shows you how to install support packs. The PDF is available on under upgrade & installation guide.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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I have a system with EP sp3. Can i download WAS sp13 and EP sp 13 directly and apply them.. Or a specific order has to be followed.

If there is any order.. any mandatory sp levels to be applied to reach sp13 can someone advice me on the same



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Hi Bharathwaj

U cant' directly apply SP13 from SP3

do as following

Upgrade portal platform to SP04

and than

PORTAL PLATFORM 6.0_640 for Enterprise Portal (EP) (From SP04 To SP13)

Upgrade J2EE Server ( Webas )to Sp06

and than

SAP J2EE ENGINE 6.40 for Enterprise Portal (EP) (From SP06 To SP13)



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If ur Minimum sp stack level is SP09 than u directly apply SP14. u don't need to update it to sp12.

The following file for sp14 u can donload from

You must upgrade ur WebAs 6.40 ( J2EE Server ) befor applying portal patch

For Webas 6.40 u download following file

SAPINST14_0-20000118.SAR ---> WebAS 6.40 SP14(Part 1/4): SAP Installer

Now for database oracle or SQL server

CTRLORA14_0-20000118.SAR ---> WebAS 6.40 SP14(Part 2/4): SAPInst Control File for Oracle


CTRLMSS14_0-20000118.SAR ---> WebAS 6.40 SP14(Part 2/4): SAPInst Control File for MS SQl

(or download appropriate according to ur database)

J2EERTOS14_0-20000118.SAR ---> WebAS 6.40 SP14(Part 3/4): OS Depend. parts of Java Runtime

J2EERT14_0-10001982.SAR ---> WebAS 6.40 SP14(Part 4/4): OS Indep. Parts of Java Runtime

The above four file needed for WebAs patch. put this four file in same folder and extract it using sapcar.exe

run sapinst.exe from sapinst folder and applying J2EE patch.

after applying J2EE patch the following file are used for portal & KM platform

SAPINST14_0-10002786.SAR ---> EP 60 SP14 SAP Installer

EP6CTRL14_0-10002786.SAR ---> EP 60 SP14 SAPInst Control File

EP6TOOLS14_0-20000394.SAR ---> EP 6.0 Tools SP14

EP6PORTAL14_0-20000394.SAR ---> EP 6.0 SP14

EP6KMC14_0-10002972.SAR ---> KMC NW04 SP14

put the above five file in one folder and extract using sapcar.exe if u don't use KM platform don't put the

km file in the folder.

run sapinst.exe from sapinst folder and applying patch


kaushal (

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Hi Jagraj,

If you want your portal to be on SP12 and not SP14 then you need to download the SP12 files from

You will first need to upgrade your SAP J2EE engine to SP12 and then the upgrade the portal platform and KMC to SP12. follow the steps below:

1. download the SAPCAR.exe file from this tool is needed to unsar the support package files.

2. download the following support packages:




Portal platform:





SAP J2EE engine:

OS indep


OS Dep (these files are for win32/MSSQL, you need to download for the OS and database that you are using)





3. using the sapcar.exe tool unsar the contents of .sar files in the above three groups into three separate folders. (run the sapcar.exe from command prompt)

4. each of these folders should have an sapinst.exe file. use this file to apply the packages.

Remember to follow the sequence, first the J2EE engine support packs, then the portal packs.

Hope this helps.