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I can´t run wsp.bat

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i have this error when i try run wsp.bat

Could you please help me to solve the problem

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You are getting net bind errors because the sockets are already in use.

It will try to use following ports according to the xml file:

Starting the ESP Web Service Provider and configuring the SOAP server and REST server...

Set the WebSocket connector port: 9092

Set the SOAP connector protocol and port: http, 9090
Set the REST connector protocol and port: http, 9091

Check for example with "netstat -ao" which proces has these ports in use and stop those.

It could also be that you are trying to start it for the second time whie the first one is still running.

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thank you Ben, i have identifed a port used by other program, i have changed this port and ready!

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It might also be possible to change the ports ESP is using by changing the xml files and redeploy.

But if it works, then it works,


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