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Converting PDF to OTF

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Hello experts,

For our customer, we have connected a web service to get a PDF file from the PIM (Product Information Management). This web service is consumed in the ERP backend. The PDF contains product information for the customer; currently the PDF can be sent by mail to the desk office to print out.

A new requirement is to print out this PDF file in the backend directly to a certain SAP printer.

So far, I didn’t find any method to convert the PDF format to the OTF format to send the data to the SAP printer.

Is there any solution to convert a PDF format to the adequate format to send the data to the SAP printer?

Thank you for your support in advance.

Best regards,


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Hello Kurt,

unfortunately there are no SAP-standard tools which convert PDF documents to OTF format.

However, you can "upload" the PDF document as a binary spool, and you can print this binary spool using regular SAP/SPAD Output Devices.

SAP Note 1827856 - "Test program for creating composed spool requests" shows the example program RSPO_TEST_CREATE_SPOOL, which demonstrates how binary spools can be created.

In this test program you can upload e.g. a PDF file, which will be stored as binary spool request in transaction SP01.

(Please note: not all printers are capable to print raw PDF data. This means: please ensure that the printer which will be used is capable of printing PDF documents.)



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Hi Kurt,

there is no chance to convert a pdf to OTF. All the necessary information is lost at that time.

Think about the PDF-Format it is a global format instead of OTF delivered by SAP.


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It is like trying to convert omelette to egg. The otf->pdf conversion process is irreversible.