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Call SOAP Adapter from CE BPM failed

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Hi everyone,

i have just a problem calling a webservic on the PI 7.11 server from CE 7.2 BPM via SOAP adapter.

1. I've created a very simple scenario on the PI 7.11 Server using SOAP Adapter sender. I've gotten the WSDL URL from the Sender Agreement. It is like the following:


2. In the Service Registery of the CE server, I published this service manuelly. The SR created automactically endpoints (http,https) for me. I tested both. They worked very well. While publishing the service, I've also assigned it to the correct system, which has the type IS.

3. I've imported the wsdl into my BPM and assigned it to a automatic activity. I've also created a new service group for this service interface.

4. After deploying the BPM onto the CE server, I've created a new provider system with type IS. In the WS connectivity type, I entered the wsdl url from above again and the admin user on PI server for the Metadata User.

5. I've created a user in the "User Account Management" with connectivity type WS and entered the same user on the step 4 for the Metadata User, assigned this user to the provider system created on step 4.

6. In the "Application Communication", I assigned the provider system from step 4 to the serivce group created on the step 3.

7. Start the BPM and find out a very strange error message:

Error during SCA Processing


java.rmi.RemoteException: Could not process message for operation SI_SearchSalesOrder_outbound in web service plugin module.; nested exception is: Invalid Response code (401). Server <http://piserver:50000/XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet?senderParty=&senderService=SAP_CE&receiverParty=&receiverService=&interface=SI_SearchSalesOrder_outbound&> returned message <Unauthorized>. Http proxy info: none

I suppose that the metadata user is used to read the wsdl information form PI. For runtime processing maybe should also I provide a user. But I have no idea where I can configure the runtime user in the NWA.

Could some one give me some help on this position?

Thanks a lot in advance.

with best regards


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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>>>For runtime processing maybe should also I provide a user. But I have no idea where I can configure the runtime user in the NWA.

to call a WS on PI you always need to send a user and password

(unless you use principal propagation)

so the issue is known - user/pass missing

you can try asking on CE forums how to supply that for a SOAP call


Michal Krawczyk

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Hi Michal,

thanks a lot for your answer. That's also my question. I've provided user to get the meta info for the WS on the CE server. But during the runtime, the BPM on the CE should also have a user to call the soap adapter. Normally we can add the sap-user, sap-pass behind the ws endpoint. But it doesn't work on the CE. Maybe I should use the principle propagation.

thanks a lot for your reply.

with best regards.


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