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BO vs. BW Reporting

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If a customer is using Business objects for all his static reporting even over BW. What would be good reasons to change or add BW reporting instead. He is in 3.1 version.

I have already identified one functionality which is RRI jump-to functionnality allowing to jump to R/3. But I need a much more solid analysis.

Customer is also using BPS

Thank you

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You have these new additional features.

1. Web reporting

2. Report to Report Interface

3. Ease of maintence(of queries/Web queries)

4. Use of reporting agent for percaluclated web templates which will improve the performance of the queries.

5. Information Broadcasting (Which is new features in 3.5) .if they go for any upgarde to high version , then need to convert the exsisting BO reports to BW reports in order use Inforamation Broadcasting. Through you can email the reports to user group in the orgnization.



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Thank you so much for your reply.

1. I'm surprised to find out that BO does not allow Web Reporting

2. What are a few ways is which Web reporting better than Excel reporting.

3. Why are the queries/Web queries easier to maintain

4. Precalulated web templates are not possible on BO?

5. Is Broadcasting available through BO.

Thank you so much

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1. I'm not sure whether there is option for web reporting in BO.


1.1 You can have expection reporting, condition reporting which are good features available in BW.


when you save the BEX query as workbook it will take some time to open up the workbook. while the web reports are faster then BEX workbooks.

3.For all web reports the base is BEX query and you can easliy convert BEX to web query.

if you have multiple hierarchy for info object in BW and if u have selected one of the heirarchy in your BEX QUERY DESIGNER , it is not possible to change or select a different hierarchy in BEX EXCEL based query. while in web report one can select/different hierarchy and the report will be have different view base on the hierarchy that you have selected.

4. Precalculated value set and web template functional are available in BW , but not sure where you have similar functions in BO.

5. Information Broad casting is functionality that is available in 3.5 onwards, which can be configured and schedule to execute the excel/ web report automatically in the background and can be send via email to the user community.

you need to evaluate whether these functionalities are available in BO or not?.

Hope I have answered ur question.



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Here are some points :

Technical limitations:

Interfaces have to be adapted, and some products do not support the full functionality of SAP BW (for example, some might not support variables).

Additional cost: New tools come with additional license, training, and support costs.

Planning & simulation SEM BPS:

No planning application certified (only arcplan inSight/dynaSight allows for data write-back using an interface to the SEM BPS API)

Data mining BW's segmentation algorithm (for mySAP CRM) No certification for mining data directly in SAP BW

you can find more details here :