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I want to develop mobile application on the front end side , and I know that using AWT is more flexible and consumes less resource on the client , but Is it more difficult to implement than using jsp's

Thanks ,


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Hi Liron,

If you follow the development in JSP ,

1) then you can make use of the default browser capabilities.

2) can make use of the Cascade Style Sheets (for formatting(Attractive)the user interface).

3) can make use of java script , which can be used to do client side validations for input fields.


Kishor Gopinathan

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I think that if you don't need a canvas or something like that the difficulty of mantaining a AWT is not worth the effort.

With a JSP you can represent most of the information clearly enought

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hello liron,

if you are planning to use AWT for your UI, i would

recommend you to create base pages that could be just

extended. these base pages could also implement methods

that are commonly used like eventing and window refresh.

for example, a base page for your list pages, detail

pages, info pages and so on... in this way, it will be

easy to maintain. your base pages serve as your


you can as well create your own presentation layer engine

that will run your scripts and present it in awt. but

this implies more work to do...



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Hi Oren,

Yes. AWT is more difficult to implement and maintain as compared to JSPs. There are certain more factors you should consider.

When to use JSP:


Standard UI model best known by end-users

Modern look and customizability

Easily enhancable

Recommended programming model of SAP for white collar apps

Best choice for all modern business PDA

Easy switch between online and offline

Integrates best with other web applications


Requires more system ressources (local web server)

HTTP paradigm not suitable in all situations (e.g. scanners)

When to use AWT:


Full UI control

- Best use of screen size

- Very good for blue-collar workers

- HTTP paradigm not suitable in all situations (e.g. scanners)

Smaller, faster installation requiring less system resources


UI changes require coding changes (and additional testing!)

UI development difficult*

Old-fashioned look

*Hence, most of the developers includinng me prefer JSP. This will prove very helpful when you are stuck with some problem and need an urgent solution.



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