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if we use SOAP or HTTP instead of IDoc adapter, is it a good choice? Are there any constraints?

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IDOC Adapter is specifically for the R/3 , its not possible to repace with anyother adapters.


An Overview of SOAP


How to Use the XI 3.0 SOAP Adapter

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Using the SOAP inbound channel of the Integration Engine


SOAP Adapter


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Hi Ajay,

if we use SOAP or HTTP instead of IDoc adapter, is it a good choice?

Idoc is not a replacement for SOAP or HTTP.

Check these links as well:


The plain HTTP adapter is used by external systems to connect to the Integration Engine using the native HTTP interface (HTTP payload without SOAP envelope). These systems are connected using the Internet communication framework of the SAP Web Application Server. For this purpose, the Integration Engine HTTP inbound channel contains an Structure linkHTTP service delivered by SAP, called /sap/xi/adapter_plain.



The SOAP adapter enables you to exchange SOAP messages between remote clients or Web service servers and the Integration Server or the PCK.

In the SOAP adapter, you can specify security settings to be used to sign/verify the SOAP body. In addition, you can specify the standard to be used for signing/verifying the SOAP message.


So the derivation out of this is that both the adapter are for little different use and it depends what is the exact requirement and available options to choose HTTP or SOAP.





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IDOC adapter is specific format in R/3 you cannot replace any thing wih IDOC adapter.



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HTTP and SOAP are not the replacement for IDOC ...

We use IDOC when ever we are handling with the IDOCs in R/3 system..

IDOC adapter will convert the IDOC-XML to XI understandable XML format...

<b>So if you are using IDOCs obviously you need to use IDOC adapter...IF in port (we21) of sender side ,you convert the IDOC to file ,then in this case you can use file Adapter for communication .</b>

And in between the SOAP and HTTP...

If you are creating the SOAP envelope in your mapping you can use the HTTP adapter to call the webservice. But this is not recommeneded until you want to add specific fields into the SOAP header.

The SOAP adapter is used to create the SOAP envelope and then invoke the webservice.

I would suggest that youcontinue to use the SOAP adapter to invoke the webservice until you do not want to complicate your request and response mapping and you dont want custom SOAP header fields.