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Retiring SAP IOT


Good morning!

I was checking the discovery center services and I saw that the IOT service will be retired on January 31st, 2023. I understand that it will not be possible to contract it (both in CPEA and Pay-As-You-Go) and that it is planned to discontinue the service in the long term. Is my information correct? Will there be any service to replace it? Is it advisable to study alternatives in other providers (azure, aws, etc.)?

Thanks for your help and best regards!

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi, yes, SAP IoT is beeing retired. More details are available in a 2208 release note at Regards, Marcus Behrens, Director Product Management, SAP IoT

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Answers (4)

Good morning,

we are facing the same questions. What looks mysterious to us is that the information in the discovery-center disappears after logon to the platform. There is however a restriction that the service is not available on a US-node of AWS but it is available on the Frankfurt-Node of AWS. There it is still possible to jump to the calculator and get an estimated cost-pricing of the service.

So we are quite cautious to decide pro SAP IoT-cloud as long as it is not clear whether this is a long-term relieable service.

Kind regards


Good evening togehter,

I understand the information as you do that the SAP IoT service will no longer be available after January 31, 2023.

Whether there is or will be a service on the part of SAP that will replace it, I can't tell you.

However, you can find the following alternative in the SAP Store on the topic of IoT, for example:

Kind regards - D. Schneider

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Hello All,

I find the way to describe a service simply "Retiring soon" in SAP Discovery Center, pretty vague without any further note or information.

Same questions arises, such as:

  1. Will these IoT functionalities be packed in some other services such as SAP Data Intelligence or Industry Cloud 4.0?

Some formal annoucement about the path ahead, would be of great help!



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Would also be interested in an answer. No article found on that topic.

But Google seem to have the same issue: