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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

We revealed the latest stars of SAP Community back in August when we announced the six finalist teams for SAP DemoJam. Today, six finalist teams showcased their innovative SAP technology–related ideas, solutions, and projects in a live demo format. No slides allowed and only six minutes per team!! Since the six teams were carefully chosen by our panel of judges - we reiterated along the way that all participants were already stars in our eyes. This is one of the reasons why the live audience at SAP TechEd got to choose the overall winning team via the famous APPLAUSE-O-METER!!! 😊 Plus it's so much fun and the audience loves to take part!!

Craig Cmehil had the pleasure of hosting the first DemoJam at SAP TechEd in Bangalore and so was super-excited to host this one also. He invested many hours coaching each finalist team to the point where they felt comfortable and confident to show off their amazing demos in front of a live audience on the main stage at this year's event!!

All that's left to say is, the audience clapped really loudly ...

And the overall winners are …

Syed Ejazuddin
Navin Krishnan Manohar
Demo name: PharmaConnect: Unleashing the Future of Pharmaceutical Integration and Sustainability


In second place:
Rishi Khandelwal 
Richa Khandelwal
Demo name: SAP + Generative AI: Dawn of a new Technological era 
In third place:
Adi Mogilevsky
Suhas Sudheendra
Demo name: Use the power of the in-memory HANA Database to measure Radiation

Massive congratulations to the winning team and indeed to all six finalist teams for their utmost dedication, professionalism, time invested and fantastic innovations! Without all of you we could not have had a DemoJam!!