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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

About Gareth

  • Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • SAP Mentor since 2014

Gareth Ryan.png

Gareth leads the EY SAP Innovation Capability in the UK, where we use a blend of leading edge and core technologies & capabilities such as HANA, ABAP, S/4HANA, Fiori, Cloud Platform and Digital Boardroom from SAP, combined and augmented with other industry platforms and services.

He delivers digital solutions across his customers' organizations, ranging from strategy & road-mapping through to delivery and assurance, with a focus on quality via the use of UX practices, Agile Methodologies, complete engagement with his customers and a constant desire to learn and develop.

Topics of interest: SAP BTP, Business Transformation 

Gareth, what inspired you to become an SAP Mentor?

handshake .pngI started as an ABAP developer, nearly 30 years ago. Back then, there was no community or way to share experience beyond the team you worked in (the internet was only just rolling out to businesses!) Once I discovered the original SAP community (SDN) and started engaging, I realised how powerful sharing experiences and knowledge could be. It helped me so many times through my career, and whilst it’s a bit cheesy, I’ve always wanted to give some of that back and keep collaborating across our industry. I saw becoming an SAP mentor as the epitome of this mentality, engaging with a group of people who want to share, collaborate, and help.

What advice would like to share with other SAP community members?

298874_collaborate_blue (1).pngShare your own stories. Open up and be personal. Whilst we’re all connected due to a large piece of software, its our experiences and interests that really connects us – I’ve built amazing friendships around the world thanks to the SAP Community that go way beyond the SAP stuff!

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