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I'm working in a client that create an invoice that need to use budged from more than one year.


Invoice 1.000.000,00


2015 200.000,000

2016 200.000,000

2017 200.000,000

2018 200.000,000

2019 200.000,000

We try to use payment condition divide for 5 years but SAP don't create FM document with 5 itens using diferente due date.

We think to use Tolerance Profile to give warning message, than execute transaction FMWA to transfer to a DUMMY CFunds than create the Commites using transaction FMZ1.

I'm want to know if someone see this kind off process and how can i resolve this problem.

Best Regards



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Why won't you work with fund source, where check horizon applies on multi-annual basis?



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Hi Eli

Here in Brazil we can't use multi-annual basis.

In this client the budged is cash budged so here in this cliente when you pay you need to make the commit.

I know that is not the way sap works, but in almost 9% off the process the create the invoice ans pay so we don't have problem, but for this example i have this problem.

Best Regards


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Well, if you cannot work with standard functions, you have to develop your own mechanism for dealing with this case. I don't see how warning message in year X will check that you have enough budget in years X+1/2/3/4. The budget will be checked only in the year of the document (invoice) in your situation. Hence, if you don't have enough budget in future years, you wouldn't know about this.