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Budgeting at a lower level than Sponsored Class in GM?

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We are facing a requirement to budget at a lower level than Sponsored Classes. Does anybody face a similar requirement? IS anybody using Internal Orders with GM?




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Dear Mariela,

I am afraid there is no lower level than sponsored class in GM to keep budgeting. And yes Internal Orders are usually used to derive Grants using GMDERIVE. It is a usual practice, while using Grants Management.


Amar Lal

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Hi Amar Lal,

Thanks so much for your response. We were hoping the line item text could be enabled in GM as it is enabled in FM budgeting. Could you please explain a little bit further or give an example of how and in which scenario the internal orders are usually used to derive Grants?


Mariela Pellegrini

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Can you please elaborate more about a "lower level " sponsored class. ?


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Hi Atif,

We get grants from certains foundations that are very specific on how detailed they want the proposal to be submitted and reported on. Because of that, we need to submit the budget a very detailed level, lower even than G/L Class. For example, we need to submit 1 line per combination of country/researcher per trip, etc. We do have 1 G/L Account mapped to 1 Sponsored Class that allows us to identify trips, but we need a lower level than that.

We did some research about using Internal Orders or even WBS Elements hierarchy, but we wanted to know if other institutions have the same requirement and how they resolve it.

Eventually, we would have to control budget at that same level as well. In FM there is a field for line item text, that potentially could be used for this.

Thanks a lot!

Mariela Pellegrini

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Hello Mariela:

During one of my GM-GTE implementation at a University i came across the same scenario where they had many huge grants and they had a requirement from Grantor to report budget and hence their commitments/actual at a very detailed level. GM-GTE is a solution to meet sponsor's reporting requirement without compromising company Chart of Accounts. GM-GTE has provided us a flexible dimension of Sponsored class and they can be opened based on sponsor's reporting lines. What we did was to derive Grant and keep commitment item as empty in FMDERIVE against source fields of GL + Internal order and had we had opened commitment item with category 50/3 for every such sponsored class and had mapped them in GMDERIVE. User while data entry against an expense say , had to enter GL and IO and give commitment item manually , they manual entry of commitment item derived desired sponsored class and this is the standard way to meet such requirement. I hope this helps.