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Budget Distribution in BCS

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We have started to use the Budget Control System since 2007. We use the distribution key "All" by booking the budget with fmbbc .

As we could see , the whole amount of the budget is beeing distributed in all 12 Month (Periods) in FMBL, to find the whole amount we have to add all periods.

Q: Is there any table with a whole amounts in SAP?

Q: Has this splitting any effect on the avaliability control system ? We haven't activated it yet.

Thanks in advance.

Alexey Voynikov


Former Member
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Hi Alex,

For your first question: You can always check and find totals per year using standard reporting, unfortunately if you distribute the budget over the periods that distribution is reflected on tables FMBL, FMBDP, FMBDT and FMAVCT.

For your second question: No, there is no effect on the availability control, as standard this control is per year not per period.

Kind Regards, Salvador.

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Hi Salvador,

Thanx a lot for Your answer.

I have looked in the tables, they are very usefull for me, because we use quite a number of our own, self programmed reports in our system and we have to change them from Classical Budgeting (BPEJ, BPJA, etc.) to BCS.

The table FMAVCT is actually empty. Are there some other budget tables which are of interest, may be one tip regarding the documentation.

Kind Regards

Alexey Voynikov

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Hi Alexey,

The table FMAVCT is empty because you haven't activated the availability control in FM. This table stores Totals (Budget vs. Actual) to calculate available amounts per FM Address, ledger and year.

Send me your e-mail address and I'll send you BCS user guide.

Regards, Salvador.

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Hi Salvador,

thanx a lot for Your rush answer.

It would be very gratefull if You could send me the documentation to BCS in my address



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In our community we try to keep as much information public access and we discourage private: "send me" messages.

I would recommend submitting the BCS documentation to our system to have it publicaly available.

You can do so by using this <a href="">Submit content</a> link.