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The SAP CodeJam at Engineering ITS in Heilbronn, Germany



The purpose of the CodeJam was to get to know the power of the btp CLI and Core Services, to create reports there and to manage the resources in SAP BTP. The CodeJam gave us the time to better understand how these two technologies - btp CLI and the Core Services API are related.

Instead of just understanding the interfaces, we tried to dive deep into how they work and explored how CLI and the APIs can act together through hands-on sessions on the system.

For this purpose, exercises were worked out by the participants with DJ Adams, Kevin Riedelsheimer, Marco Holzwarth and Dinah Onyino always available to answer the questions of the participants. Questions were asked at the end of each exercise to review and reinforce what was newly learned.


One of the first exercises was to install the btp CLI. Basically, the question is why have a Dev Space in App Studio at all? The Developer Space is a basic area that provides the same development environment to the participants of the codejam. This is a good prerequisite for learning together at the same pace and performing the exercises.

The strengths of the btp CLI are for example:

- It provides a comfortable and convenient access to the BTP APIs.

- It is a command line tool

- It is scriptable, i.e. you can use the btp CLI in shell scripts, e.g. for automations.

The second exercise enabled us to successfully authenticate against the btp CLI and the SAP BTP account. In addition, the basic background was taught, e.g. to find out where to find the configuration files in case of an error. In the following exercise we could install the automatic completion which is a helpful feature for power users (you know that, you start to write a word and by pressing the tab key the word completes itself...). The fourth exercise enabled us to use the btp CLI for the use of scripts e.g. for automation tasks...


The second part of the codejam was more about the API. More precisely, the first part of the CJ dealt with the CLI and the second part with the API. Now it was explained that e.g. the CLI implementation has a client/server character. This means that the server component, for example, allows calling the APIs in the Core Services package. Here DJ built in enough time to question and understand the background.

In the following exercise six, the required credentials regarding the API call were worked out. Here DJ showed the participants a brand new feature to collect and sort data... ASCII ART... The younger participants will love it... Those who know DJ know that it is of course much better than the complicated BPMN with, Pools and Lanes, Tasks, Events etc... 😊



In exercise seven, we now made an API call. After the prerequisites were created in the first exercises and we have a token, the OAuth 2.0 call could now be performed. At an advanced hour, exercise eight showed what a Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) is and how to use it, for example, to create another subaccount. As a didactic reserve DJ had an exercise nine with him, which actually already dealt with administration. Here activities like deleting resources were shown. For those who had already worked through all the exercises, DJ had another bonus in his luggage. Here it was shown how another call can be made to find out the status of an asynchronously executed operation.