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How to read SAP Note.

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Can anyone tell me how to read and understand a SAP Note such as

Software Components


Correction Instructions


Support Package


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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A SAP Note is a document that describes a change or correction to SAP software. SAP Notes are created by SAP and are available to SAP customers.

The following are the sections of a SAP Note:

  • Software Components - This section lists the SAP software components that are affected by the note.
  • Corrections - This section describes the changes or corrections that are made to the SAP software components.
  • Correction Instructions - This section provides instructions on how to apply the changes or corrections to the SAP software components.
  • Prerequisites - This section lists the requirements that must be met before the changes or corrections can be applied to the SAP software components.
  • Support Package - This section lists the Support Package that contains the changes or corrections.


Thank you very much.

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