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How to check Total number of Unread mails in my Communication

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Dear SCN Team,

As i am new to this network, from few days i did not login into scn, But now i want to see Total number of Unread messages in my Communication. Because after logging the session I am able to see only 50+ in my communication.

Where exactly i can see the total number of Unread messages??

I searched a lot, But i did not find any option in my SCN account,

Basically in Gmail or in Yahoo mails we can see the total number of unread mails. I just want to confirm Do we have any limitations in SCN account? I mean a limitations to see only 50+ in communiations? OR I am searching in a wrong way?

Thanks for your reply,



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Answers (3)

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Hi Mahesh,

If you are following any particular places in SCN like development, enhancement, etc, you are tend to get all the discussions there in the form of communications. As Jason said once you read the communications upto 50 rest will get updated.

There is check box named as 'UNREAD ONLY' in top, if you click that you will be displayed with only unread Communications. Hope this Helps



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There isn't a way to see how many unread you have in when there are more than 50.  Once you pass 50, "50+" is displayed.

You can use the filter to manage the list (top left of the communications panel).

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Like yahoo or gmail we can't see here other than communication notification.

at communication stream also it just shows the threads which you tracking not the whole threads which are created on scn(forums).

if you want see the thread which were created from date to date, you can check at perticualr and filter by date.