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[Bug]Incorrect screen position when navigating to a discussion comment

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This has been going on for some time but at first I thought the author removed the comment and only today was able to caught this red-handed.

The issue occurs when you get a notification for a new comment in a discussion ("X left a comment on ..."). When clicking on "comment" hyperlink, the discussion opens but not in the place where the new comment is. I

For example, I got a notification about a comment posted 6 hours ago. But after clicking on the hyperlink this is what was on my screen (old comment from 2018 somewhere in the middle of the thread):

However, when I scrolled to the bottom, I did find the comment posted 6 hours ago which I was expecting the hyperlink to navigate to.

URL itself seems to be correct because if I copy-paste it into a separate tab it works fine and takes me to the right comment:

However, the fun doesn't end here: try refreshing the page a few times and see how the screen jumps from one random 2018 comment to another. 🙂 Rather an odd problem.

(Using latest Firefox.)

Community Advocate
Community Advocate
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Hi Jelena, thanks for reporting. We are looking into this bug and will follow up with you.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Jelena, I cannot reproduce it using the latest Firefox.

Have you come across this issue again? some days after you reported this problem we fixed some issues related to the order of the questions and comments in the question. I wonder if this problem was related.


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