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Datenow and dateformat issue

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I'd like calculate date in past by puting duration in days and result pass it to SQL Query for put in where statement as timestamp limit.

My fomula is below, unfortunetly in expression editor cliking evaulation no return value and terefore no SQL Query result

dateformat(dateadddays(datenow, -Transaction.duration), "yyyy-MM-dd'T'hh:mm:ss" , "dd/MM/yy" )

However part of above code:

dateadddays(datenow, -Transaction.duration)

return to me below date after click evaluate in expression editor:


so date format is


but function dateformat cannot convert to my format "dd/MM/yy"

When I puting date string in expression editor instead 1st expression like "08/11/23" all is working fine. Where I made mistake?

Reference link

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Hi Krzysztof,

I have found that MII sometimes has issues with calculated values for function arguments as opposed to MII properties or constants. If you assign dateadddays(datenow, -Transaction.duration) to a local MII datetime property (tempDateTime) and then use this expression in another assignment action:

dateformat(dateadddays(tempDateTime, "yyyy-MM-dd'T'hh:mm:ss" , "dd/MM/yy" )

I believe the conversion will work as expected.

Regards, Steve

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Hi Steve.

Thank you for answer, unfortunely not help but after read again documantation found issue:

h Hour in AM or PM (1-12) Number 12

H Hour in the day (0-23) Number 21

After change from lower case to upper case "H" start working

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After many hours found that trx attribut LegacyProcessingMode = true resolve my problem however how to fix without this mode?