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search based on the CHTSP field in /SAPSLL/PRCTS table

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Dear Experts,

I want to create an report to search the materials which have been changed on a particular date for the product classification of any numbering schema.

i am joining tables /SAPSLL/CTSNUM, /SAPSLL/PRCTS and /SAPSLL/PNTPR . But not able to get the required records based on the change date (CHTSP) or created date (CRTSP). Even for the table /SAPSLL/PRCTS, I am not able to find any entry based on the "Changed On" and "created on "fields .

could you please help and suggest, how to achieve this .

Thanks and Regards


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Dear Santoch, the tables you are using are correct. As you are not able to get the data for table /SAPSLL/PRCTS, are you using the correct date format to make a match with the fields. Let us know if it still doesn't work.