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Most people around the world – not exaggerating – knows Texas and Texas BBQ. Texas BBQ is a very unique flavor on meats, specifically on brisket, ribs, chicken and sausage. Texas BBQ is usually slow cooked in a smoker at low temperatures over a long period of time; mostly using woods like mesquite or pecan to infuse the smoke flavor into the food.

I have done a little bit of research on some hot spots around Dallas (DFW) and listed them below – not following any specific order.

  • Tender’s BBQ

I catered this BBQ for our SITDFW back in early September and let me tell you, we had great feedback from all the participants. We had their brisket, turkey, beans, mac and cheese.

At the time of this writing they have 3 locations (Celina, Prosper and Frisco) I have visited them ALL.


  • Hutchins

This location has specific hours and when they sell out, they sell out!!! so you must get there early. I am a fan of the ribs and also they have something called Texas Twinkies which is a brisket stuffed, bacon wrapped jalapeno, the size of Texas 😊 lol


  • Hurtados

This location is based in Arlington, however, a new location opened near my house in Little Elm. Hurtados is one of the best BBQ places in the area and they also only serve until they sell out so you have to be there early and stand in line until you can get served.

My favorite plate here is called “El Jefe” (the boss) which comes with pulled pork, spare ribs, burnt ends, and sausage…. My favorite side is elote (corn) and mac and cheese.


Outside of Dallas, there are many other great BBQ places… if you happen to visit Austin or around there, check out Blacks in Lockhart or Salt Lick in Austin.  What are your favorite BBQ places? And what is your favorite dish?