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SAP India launched

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Hello Coffee Corner folks,

when was the first time you heard about or saw SAP in INDIA country because of I want to know when SAP introduce in INDIA country, can you recall those early carrier days of yours? 

Thanks in Advance.



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It's quite Matured Ask about heard about or saw SAP in INDIA country..    remember when I went to IISc at BLR for Topic "Innovation Growth to the People Management"..    My IISc Friend told me post this program we can travel around some Product Companies in the BLR City..   Since it's Tough competition World..  We should keep our foot in every space in the working..  Then our Post Bachelor ENGG./Tech.  life will be Romantic..

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Thanks for your reply

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Community Administrator

The first SAP TechEd was brought there in 2005 (was a fun event at the KTPO) and the year prior was the first big event with NetWeaver Developer Days in the Spring of 2004 I believe. SAP India itself though started in back in 1998.


Thanks for your Information..

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Sir I have one question for you, How you will put your this type of signatory in your message. Can you teach me . I have go in  My Settings > Personal Profile > Personal Information but i cant find there. Please guide me 




I heard of SAP in my college days around 2003-2004, and joined as ABAP consultant around 2008.. But my husband was amongst the first few members who Started SAP practice around 1998 itself 🙂

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Really nice one, Actually I am from Gujarat and I  heard around 2007. Right now I am working SAP - SD module from last 2+ years.